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Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca

[Thread; Closed]

Characters: Delita and Ashe
Summary: Seeking closure, the pair visit the Farplane to say goodbye to their loved ones.
Location: The Farplane and Guadosalam
Date: A few days after their return to Warjilis
Warnings: Initial angst?

Not lightly had the choice been made. Even as they rode on chocobo back with a half-hour's journey behind them, Ashelia couldn't help but question whether her decision to accompany Delita had been driven by selfishness. This place - the Farplane - somehow granted the opportunity to see images of those loved and lost. Journeying there meant she could see Rasler again, yet this reunion, she knew, would differ greatly from those past. Well, those in Gaia.

Her mind wandered, into the great halls of Raithwall's Tomb where the prince's ghostly form had materialised and gripped her heart. This would prove closer to the form she would find in the Farplane. Without being, a representation only. Yet it would not deceive her, as the Occuria had aimed for those years ago. No longer would she be toyed with, nor Rasler's likeness used undeservedly. In her eyes, this journey held one purpose alone.

To find some semblance of closure, and the will to embrace the future.

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