Time and Tide Overlords (tntoverlords) wrote in timeandtides,
Time and Tide Overlords

Old Chaos Shrine

Characters: Garland, Lufene, Warrior of Light, Ingus, Cecil, Rosa, Kain, Ceodore, Terra, Squall, Laguna, Zidane, Jecht, Mjrn, Basch, Lightning.
Progress: Incomplete
Summary: The long-awaited confrontation with Garland.
Location: Chaos Shrine
Date: July.
Warnings: Violence and possible death.
Note: This log is very important to storyline, and therefore must be finished. If you don’t feel that you can commit yourself to participating in it, then please don’t bring in your character.

The inside of the Old Chaos Shrine was just as run down and broken as it had seemed in Lufene’s original broadcast from that location. Whatever the Chaos shrine had been used for in the past, it’s long since been abandoned from that purpose. Everywhere, things are broken, crumbling, fading.

The journey to the Shrine has been difficult, and traveling through it has been even more nerve-wracking, even as the group draws closer to the center of the Shrine, where Garland awaits.
Tags: basch fon ronsenburg, cecil harvey, ceodore harvey, ingus, jecht, kain highwind, laguna loire, lightning farron, lilisette, lufene, mjrn, rosa farrell, squall leonhart, terra branford, warrior of light, zidane tribal
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