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[ Thread ; Closed ] To go, or stay

Characters: Dagger and Zidane
Progress: In-progress
Summary: With the big confrontation with Garland coming up, they need to have a talk, and Dagger will need to make some hard decisions.
Location: Alexandria
Date: July 2nd

Ever since they'd returned to Alexandria over two weeks ago, Garnet and Zidane had been slowly easing themselves back into some form of a routine. Although she'd spent less time on the network while they were away, being back home, it was almost mandatory that the young queen keep an eye on things. Between scheduled meetings and political visits veiled as social calls, Garnet would take a moment now and then to skim the network for any important notices from friends and allies. With the crystals returned to their shrines, it was only a matter of time before the next step was taken. When Regent Cid made his announcement -- something of a call to arms -- she was not surprised. When she read through the list of responses, and volunteers, she was also not surprised to see Zidane's name among them.

It's not that she had a problem with him doing so; she had expected it from the very beginning. She would never have imagined a world in which Zidane would refrain from putting himself into the equation. More than anyone else in Gaia, Zidane had a personal connection to Garland. Even more than the rest of them, even those who had fought him before. She had always known that when the time came to face him again, Zidane would be there on the front lines. That wasn't the problem.

The problem was, she had always imagined herself going along with him. However, with things as they were at that moment, it was not so clean-cut as she had once envisioned.

As soon as Garnet had finished with the last of her scheduled meetings, she was eager to find Zidane. They needed to talk. However, her first priority was Amber; she didn't know whether Zidane would have gotten to her already (as he was sometimes known to do) or if she would find the little princess under the careful watch of a young nursemaid. Skirts gathered in her hands, Garnet ascended the staircase to her private quarters.
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