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Zanarkand Myrrh Tree

Characters: Those Who Hunt Zanarkand Myrrh
Progress: In-progress
Summary: After a wedding, it's time for a fight to the death!
Location: Zanarkand
Date: A couple days after Rikku's announcement
Warnings: Fighting? I'm not sure who's going on this, so if you are (Pied, still sending Tifa?), just hop in. Party-style tagging so it takes less time.

The city hadn't changed. While most of the locations that had come to Gaia had been reclaimed, repopulated, or at least been calmed somewhat by the influx of moogles, Zanarkand remained the same as ever - empty, filled with wandering pyreflies, the occasional projection of the past coming from the balls of light. Tidus found it pretty creepy to occasionally catch a glimpse of their past, the pilgrimage and the time before everything changed, but he pushed it out of his mind and pushed on.

The unsent were gone, but the monsters were still occupying the ruins, so it wasn't exactly an easy trip. But with as many people as they had fighting now, the fiends fell much quicker than before, and they reached the Dome with very few problems.

"So..." the blitzer started, looking up at the broken structure and crossing his arms as he studied it. "Since this place likes to be as terrible as it can, that tree's probably down in the center, where Yunalesca was."
Tags: auron, jecht, rikku, tidus, tifa lockhart, wakka
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