Cissnei of the Turks (shurikenfemale) wrote in timeandtides,
Cissnei of the Turks

Taking care of business

Characters: Cissnei, Reno, Rufus, Tseng
Progress: Incomplete
Summary: More myrrh drops for the chalice
Location: Soil Desert
Date: June 14
Warnings: Violence, cussing, regular Turk shenanigans

After a hard several weeks with reparations of the city, the Turks finally set off to getting the myrrh. There had been posts and rumors of more trees; It was high time to go see if it was true. Cissnei had managed to salvage a few potions from Lindblum but thankfully the smaller fiends in the desert yielded handy items.

But she started to notice that more and more monsters started showing up, tougher ones too. "I think we're onto something here."
Tags: cissnei, reno, rufus shinra, tseng
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