Celes Chere (magitekrune) wrote in timeandtides,
Celes Chere

Characters: Celes, Locke, Balthier, Setzer
Progress: Incomplete
Summary: Return to the fire
Location: The Fire Shrine
Date: June 11th
Warnings: Violence, awkward times

Getting dropped down into the boiling lake of lava was something Celes hadn't really wanted to experience twice. However, when Regent Cid had suggested it, she'd taken up the opportunity, since she'd been there once before, so she knew the way well enough. By now, she was fairly certain the men with her would understand that she wasn't one to trifle with and she knew her way around a battlefield. She would lead them.

"If anyone has any last minute things to do, you'd better do them now," she warned, minutes before they were dropped into the shrine. "Once we're there, no turning back. The ship can't get close or it'll burn, so we'll have to be dropped in."

Once she was sure everyone was ready, with ice weapons and armor in place, she led the group downward, dropping off to start the team's approach into the shrine.
Tags: balthier, celes chere, locke cole, setzer gabbiani
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