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Characters: Ursula, Kain, Refia, Lilisette
Progress: Incomplete
Summary: Returning the Wind Crystal
Location: The Wind Shrine
Date: June 11th
Warnings: Violence.

Ursula clutched the railing of the airship as it approached their destination. Whoever spoke of strong wings wasn't kidding; already she could feel their pull. She made a mental note to ask Kain to lead the way, given that he was the least likely to be pushed around and thus could act as a shield for the rest. As they approached the entrance, Ursula turned to her companions. The princess took this mission very seriously, especially considering her kingdom's ties to the Wind Crystal, and she trusted the others to treat it with all due seriousness, as well.

"Is everyone ready? We don't have a lot of time to waste. If anything needs to be done or said before we enter, best do it now." Ursula stared down at the Wind Crystal, clutched in her other hand. It was likely that she would never see Fabul or her parents again, but through this mission, at least she could fulfill one last duty to them both.
Tags: kain highwind, lilisette, refia, ursula leiden
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