Captain Adelbert Steiner (captain_rusty) wrote in timeandtides,
Captain Adelbert Steiner

[Thread, Closed] First Myrrh Drop

Characters: Steiner, Eiko, Sephiroth, Rydia (?)
Progress: Ongoing
Summary: The quest to retrieve the myrrh drop from the ruins of Midgar.
Location: Midgar Ruins
Date: 10th June, 1805
Warnings: Fighting and stuff.

While the moogles had made the old Shinra Headquarters into their new Mognet Central, Midgar itself was still full of monsters. More of them than ever, in fact, since the Lunar Cry. Steiner therefore entered the ruins with some caution.

"I have heard that the tree is guarded by a metal scorpion!" he warned his companions. "We must be vigilant! It may strike without warning."

He didn't know his way around the ruins, so his current strategy was to head towards the areas most thickly infested by monsters. It seemed to be working, for in the distance he saw what appeared to be some kind of ancient momument - of what, he couldn't tell - and at its base grew a strange and twisted tree. Was that it?
Tags: adelbert steiner, eiko carol, rydia of mist, sephiroth
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