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To the healing fountain!

Characters: Genesis Rhapsodos and Angeal Hewley
Progress: Ongoing
Summary: Genesis goes to pick up Angeal and take him to the Evil Forest to be healed by the Healing Fountain, as per Sephiroth's request (not that Genesis would refuse).
Location: Troia then Evil Forest
Date: June 8th
Warnings: None

The flight to Troia hadn't been terrible but Genesis felt like he hadn't rested enough from his first trip across the globe before being sent on another. Luckily, Angeal had suggested a halfway point that would make things easier and given them a chance to talk. Sephiroth, however, made sure to make this a sort of mission as there was something here that could also heal Angeal's degradation. Genesis was only pleased with this revelation and could only agree to do this. He owed it to Angeal, anyway. Once he received the coordinates to the location of the healing fountain, he plotted a way to Troia and then took off. Of course, he was also forced to use an entirely new sword given to him by Sephiroth for protection from this world's monsters. It felt odd, using a sword that wasn't Rapier, but it would do for now.

Genesis arrived earlier than Angeal and so, decided to look at this new town until he arrived. It was amazing how different this town was compared to the others. They all varied in technology and culture, each city was different. This world really was a mash of several worlds in one. How very strange and fascinating, really. After awhile, Genesis decided to sit out at the beach just outside of the town to wait for Angeal, sending his friend a brief text to let him know where he was at.
Tags: angeal hewley, genesis rhapsodos
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