Warrior of Light (for_cosmos) wrote in timeandtides,
Warrior of Light

Hope is the Star on a Morning Tide

Characters:  Warrior of Light, Porom, Refia, and Terra.
Progress:  Incomplete.
Summary:  Sparklifiying Percy! The warrior of light goes to the Citadel of Trials, to become a Paladin.
Location:  Sinner's Isle/Citadel of Trials
Date: May 4th.
Warnings: killing monsters, but not much else

The boat journey to Sinner's Isle where the Citadel stood was not a long one, but it was time enough for the Warrior to contemplate what he was setting out to do. The more he had thought about the place, and the closer he had gotten, the more he remembered about it, and the more familiar things about it seemed. It was the same effect that going to the Mirage Tower, or when he had briefly found himself in Cornelia. But this time, he had far more of a purpose in coming to this place than simply remembering more about his own world. Just as he had become a knight in his own world, he was going to change here, becoming something more than he was.

When they finally arrived at the island, and stepped off at the foot of the volcano that made up the Sinner's Isle, he turned to the others. "I am glad for all of your assistance in this. The Citadel is a difficult place to face, and you have less reason to do so than I."
Tags: porom, refia, terra branford, warrior of light
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