Rinoa Heartilly (livelyangel) wrote in timeandtides,
Rinoa Heartilly

[Vacation! Open thread]

Characters: Rinoa, OPEN
Progress: Ongoing
Summary: It's time to hit the beach! Get out your bikinis and swimming trunks, girls and boys. Yes, even you, Squall. Party style! Feel free to threadhop, start your own threads etc.
Location: Costa Faguita
Date: May, 1804
Warnings: None

This was the life. Rinoa relaxed on a sun lounger, soaking up the rays. Behind her sunglasses, her eyes were closed. She could hear the waves lapping gently against the beach in the background. It was as though the dragon invasion had never happened.

A group of holidaymakers passed by, laughing and joking as they headed for the sea. Rinoa sat up to take a look around. Hmm. Maybe it was time she went for a swim. But first she needed to reapply her sun cream. She smoothed back her hair and picked up her bottle of sun lotion. Now was there anyone around who might want to help? 
Tags: agrias oaks, balthier, blank, cecil harvey, edward chris von muir, ellone loire, fran, gabranth, irvine kinneas, kain highwind, mjrn, penelo, quistis trepe, rinoa heartilly, rosa farrell, rydia of mist, seifer almasy, selphie tilmitt, squall leonhart, zell dincht
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